Post-Doc Position


On an ERC-Funded project:

The origin and impact of impaired ubiquitin signaling in the degeneration of neurons (Ubi-Wan)

starting 1 November 2024

The Glickman lab (Glickman Lab | Department of Biology, Technion) is looking for postdoctoral fellows. We study Protein Turnover in Alzheimer’s disease, ageing and response to mitochondria dysfunction. We have adapted a 3-D human neuronal network to study the role of proteasome, deubiquitinating enzymes, and ubiquitin signaling in general in neurodegeneration. The ERC-funded research Ubi-Wan will lay the foundation for exploring the involvement of a ubiquitin signaling in neurodegeneration with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease. The project includes building Alzheimer’s disease models utilizing human Stem cells and iPSCs.

Your tasks:

  • Design and execute research projects
  • Organize and troubleshoot your work independently
  • Communicate results and experiences with the team in a transparent and professional manner
  • Apply for Postdoctoral fellowships or external funding

Your profile:

  • A Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, neurobiology, or a related field
  • Strong background in TC work, specifically working with stem cells and iPSCs
  • Experience in complex neuronal models, including organoids
  • Strong background in microscopy
  • Highly motivated, creative, dedicated, and critical thinker
  • Ability to clearly communicate research results to other lab members and scientists
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Proactive, flexible, and problem-solving attitude

What we offer:

  • An intellectually diverse academic position within a dynamic research environment, offering numerous avenues for expanding your knowledge and fostering an environment that values excellence, professionalism, and collaborative teamwork.
  • A full-time contract of up to 5 years on the recently awarded ERC Advanced project Ubi-Wan
  • The earliest possible start date is November 2024
  • Salary will be in line with the university salary scale for postdoctoral researchers

 How to Apply: Please send your CV, letter of intent, names, and addresses of references to Prof. Michael Glickman, E-mail: