Inbar Gold


Ph.D. student


Inbar completed her B.Sc. in Biochemical Engineering faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion (IIT). She then completed her in Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Technion (IIT).

Inbar focuses on Ubiquitin like Protein (Ubl) – ISG-15. ISG-15 is a part of the immune system response. The innate immune response of mammalian cells is a first line defense against viral and microbial infections. ISG-15 consists of two domains, an N-terminal and a C-terminal domain that resemble those of ubiquitin in both terms of sequence and three-dimensional organization.
In addition, ISG-15 and ubiquitin both covalently modify other proteins – among them is Ubb+1 (aberrant form of Ub, selectively observed in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients).  Understanding the ISG-15 signal and through it the possible effect of Ubb+1 is our main goal.


Meyron-Holtz, Esther G., Lyora A. Cohen, Lulu Fahoum, Yael Haimovich, Lena Lifshitz, Inbar Magid-Gold, Tanja Stuemler, and Marianna Truman-Rosentsvit. “Ferritin Polarization and Iron Transport across Monolayer Epithelial Barriers in Mammals.” Drug Metabolism and Transport 5 (2014): 194. doi:10.3389/fphar.2014.00194.