Lab Moments

A celebration (Toast) towards Shany’s master completion and Ajay’s first publication. Heartist Congratulations to both!!! (19.04.2023)

A short day trip to Habonim Beach Nature Reserve on 20.10.2022 (Thursday)

With all (new and old) lab members (Left to Right; Shahar Levi, Prasad Sulakshane, Shany Greenstein, Anwar Bderneh, Adi Shaked, Noa Reis, Michael Glickman, Jonatan Ram, Tal Kiri and Ajay Wagh)

2020s Antiviral (mask on) photo moment: taken just after Roni’s master’s dissertation presentation. (14.09.2020)

Jennifer and Niranjan for Mini-workshop for Proteasome purification (Oct 2018)

שנה טןבה Happy New Year…       (06-09-18)

Michael’s Birthday (17th May 2018)

Nikole Visit for Mini workshop for proteasome purification (Feb 2018)

Fun with GFP and RFP….!!!



Malte Visit for Mini workshop for proteasome purification (August 2017)


Inbar balancing…

Inbar 2

Group Meeting April 2017

GM April 2017

Proteasome Fights…!!! (Glickman vs Murata). Who won…???


Introducing our website to the lab members in our weekly group meeting, June 2016 :



Lunch with Prof. Thibault Mayor, 2016 :


Ubiquitin chains and Proteasome