ERC Advanced Grant 2023

We are excited that our lab has been awarded the ERC advanced grant for researching “The origin and impact of impaired ubiquitin signalling in the degeneration of neurons”

Inbal Maniv and Michael Glickman spent months writing the proposal based on the preliminary data of all the people in the lab, especially Anwar, Ajay, and Noa, with contributions from Jonathan, Shahar, Tal, Mahasen, Dayana and Eden. We propose that impairment of the ubiquitin system, responsible for clearing cells of damaged proteins, could lead to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. In this 5-year project, we will utilize an innovative model for studying Alzheimer’s disease using nerve cells derived from human stem cells. With our innovative experimental model, we will identify the specific components in the ubiquitin system that contribute to the development of the disease at its early stages.

With the boost given to us by this ERC funding, we will follow our dreams with the long-term aim of understanding the “Molecular Phase of Alzheimer’s”!