New article about mutant Ubiquitin (UBB+1) secretion

When intracellular trash disposals overflow with misfolded proteins, cells may dump the excess onto their neighbours’ doorsteps.

Happy to share our recent work published in the BBA-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms journal.
Do give it a read: Alzheimer’s disease-associated mutant ubiquitin (UBB+1) is secreted through an autophagosome-like vesicle-mediated unconventional pathway.

Here we present evidence that an altered form of ubiquitin, UBB+1, arising from a non-
heritable transcription frameshift, and has been identified in the brains of all FAD and SAD patients, is unconventionally secreted via “autophagosome-like vesicles”.

Our findings bring critical insight into the molecular mechanism of Alzheimer’s pathogenesis and how advancing age and diminishing proteasomal function is a risk factors.